Nikki | Senior Session in Bucks County, PA.

Nikki | Senior Session in Bucks County, PA.

Nikki completed her final days of high school this April, and plans to pursue a career in cosmetology this fall. She ventured out with us this May to celebrate with an official photo session.

Several times, the weather seemed determined to ruin our plans, but we eventually won the waiting game! It was the perfect spring day to venture though Perkasie and Quakertown.

Get to know Nikki:

So who is this lovely young lady? Here are five things we think are pretty awesome about Nikki:

1. She plays a mean piano, and can tickle those ivories like a professional! She also moonlights as a piano teacher.

2. She rocks at volleyball – we’ve actually seen her in action!

3. This girls works hard! From dog-sitting, to waitressing, to working as a nanny, etc.  she might want to consider becoming a professional juggler with all the plates she’s holding.

4. She is obsessed with peanut butter and considers it the “most amazing food ever.”

5. Her nickname – given by her oldest sister – is “Princess Fuzz.” And no, she did not provide the back story.

The Session



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